Church Planting Missionaries to Chile

We are the Sparks family! Please take a moment for us to tell you a little bit about us and how we can partner together to take the gospel to Chile!

Yesterday the Lord gave us a great national Children’s Day at Love Baptist Church. We had several visitors as a result of 15 of us passing out invitations and personally inviting families in our community. We had two children make professions of faith. Before our evening service, we had another workers and volunteers’ meeting. We had two more people volunteer to get involved in ministries at our church. 

Tuesday, a man who I have been discipling for the past six months let me know that he desires to be a pastor or missionary, and he would like to start training for the ministry! I am very happy for Manuel and how God has been working in his heart. His wife is also behind his decision. They have two young children. Please pray for this dear family as we help them prepare. Manuel will be attending the Chile Training Center while serving in many aspects of the ministry at our church.

This morning, Anna’s sister, Abigail, arrived for her month-long internship with us. Please pray for her as she learns and serves alongside us. 

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