Church Planting Missionaries to Chile

We are the Sparks family! Please take a moment for us to tell you a little bit about us and how we can partner together to take the gospel to Chile!

Yesterday we had two good services at Love Baptist Church. We had over 30 people attend each service. We have recently had a few families that first visited with us several months ago, who have returned, and have been attending on a weekly basis. One of these families told me last night they are going to be more faithful and would like to get to know us better.

Last week, Manual (the man who surrendered to preach a month ago) and I had the opportunity to share the gospel with a 22-year-old young man for about three hours. He was filled with questions and we were able to show him answers from the Bible. The Spirit was working in his heart as we shared the gospel with him. However, he decided to wait to make a profession of faith because that was the first time he had ever heard the gospel before. He said he’d be in touch with us. A few days later he texted us and said he wants to be taught more Bible before he gets saved. He said, “I just still cannot comprehend how God loves us so much!” I will be starting discipleship lessons with him this Wednesday. The first two lessons teach about sin and salvation. Please pray for Alejandro to be saved.

Some other ministry activities I was a part of this week include: preaching three times, discipleship with various people, teaching at the Chile Training Center, leadership planning meetings, visitation, Friday teen’s Bible study. Also, we had our last English class outreach for young people. We have had several visitors and there are four teens that have been attending church as a direct result of the English classes.

Please be in prayer for this coming Sunday the 15th. We will have a special Chile Independence Day service followed by food and games. This is by far the biggest holiday in Chile. We will be passing out invitations. Please be praying for many visitors to come, hear the gospel, and be saved.

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