Church Planting Missionaries to Chile

We are the Sparks family! Please take a moment for us to tell you a little bit about us and how we can partner together to take the gospel to Chile!

Something I have heard a lot of lately is how the pandemic has changed a lot of the ways we used to do things. Most of our lives are not fully back to normal. Some things might not ever return to normalcy. Regardless of all the uncertainty, we know that our God is in control. 
About a month ago, we realized that Anna and Penelope were running out of some of their medications that are not sold in Chile. Anna suffers from ailments due to her genetic mutations that can be life-threatening. Penelope takes certain vitamins to help her function best with her autism. We have a pilot friend who has graciously been bringing down the medications for us in his carry-on whenever we needed them. However, he has not flown down since February and has no date of returning with his airline for the foreseeable future due to COVID travel bans. Currently, there is only one flight to and from Chile. We tried shipping some down but they were confiscated at the customs authority because Chile has strong policies against any medicine entering the country through shipping services.  

Anna and I thought about just one of us flying back to the States to get the medications and returning a few days later. Unfortunately, there were no available return flights until the first of July. We did not want one of us to risk getting stuck in the States and not be able to get back to the family with the medicines. Due to the high amount of COVID cases in Chile, President Trump could also put a travel ban to and from Chile as he did with Brazil. After prayer and counsel, we decided to all return as a family to get a lengthy supply of medicines and home school books for the upcoming school year. Flights were actually cheaper, by far, than we have ever seen them before which was a blessing and allowed us to make this decision more easily. 

We were actually supposed to fly back to Chile this past Monday but our return flight (the only flight available to Chile) was canceled with no reason given. Only one flight per week is currently scheduled. At the moment, we are planning to stay in the States until at least September. We are still able to continue discipling, training, teaching, and preaching online the same as if we never left Chile. Below are some other factors which helped us understand why it is currently difficult to return to our home and ministry in Chile:
  • Chile remains at Level 4 Travel Advisory for American Citizens: Do Not Travel.
  • Chile has the fifth-highest amount of COVID cases per one million people.
  • Chile has the sixth-highest amount of total cases in the world. 
  • Chile is in the middle of winter’s cold and flu season while battling the COVID outbreak. 
  • Chile has declared a preventative quarantine for parts of Santiago and nationwide curfew requirements from 10:00 pm until 5:00 am. Only allowed to leave the house quickly twice per week.
I would be glad to visit some supporting churches to give an update about what God has done and continues to do in Chile. Feel free to reply to this email or call or text 678-884-7950. Our home church is allowing us to serve and teach in our Spanish ministry while we are here as we also continue our Chile ministry obligations virtually. 


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